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Saint Lucia support World Cup bid

Morocco have secured their first vote from the CONCACAF region, as Saint Lucia support the World Cup 2026 bid of the Atlas Lions.

President of the Moroccan football federation, Fouzi Lekjaa, have been doing an excellent job since Morocco announced their intention of securing the 2026 World Cup. He have been travelling almost on a daily basis, trying to convince football officials all around the world to put their faith in them.

Countries like Nigeria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Qatar, France and current World Cup hosts, Russia, have all expressed their support for Morocco. But the North American federation, CONCACAF, would always be hard to convince. However, Caribbean nation Saint Lucia, have now come out and officially supported a World Cup in the North African country.

This was confirmed on Thursday, by Edmund Estephane, Saint Lucia’s Minister of Development and Sports. In an interview with the Moroccan ambassador of the island, he talked about the great relation between the two countries, highlighting Morocco’s assistance in providing expertise to the farmers of Saint Lucia.

“My country’s government will be strong and back Morocco’s bid 200 percent. This will do justice and honor the African continent and Caribbean countries. Morocco have always helped us, especially with urban planning and unique expertise in certain areas”, Estephane said.

Few people gave Morocco any chance in receiving the hosting righs, coming up against the mighty trio of United States, Canada and Mexico, but an optimistic campaign so far makes us believe that the fight can be tighter than anyone expected.

Who do you think will host the 2026 World Cup?

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